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The complexity of this project has been to seek the porcelain imperfection, one of the differences respect to other materials of less quality. To achieve this we had to remodel the 3D, work with great cure the material and lighting, to achieve the desired appearance by Fontini.

Discovering laminate floors

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We kick off the new year, 2014, with the presentation of new photographs. For the first time we were given the challenge of simulating parquet, a type of product we had never been asked to present in such detail as that required in this new project for FINSA, manufacturers of all types of hardwood floors, and other solutions in wood. Regarding texture, we had to do a good job in order to achieve the realism required by the customer.


Lighting made in Austria

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XAL is an Austrian company in the lighting sector with international presence. It focuses on producing a type of lighting with a timeless aesthetic that adapts to all types of architectural projects, both public and private. At the same time, it creates specific products and made-to- measure solutions in collaboration with architects. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed producing them.


New project for Acsil

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ACSIL is a manufacturer of furniture for children and young adults, dedicated to high-quality, tailor-made design. Its latest catalogue “NASTIC PROJECT”, includes new areas in addition to those specifically for children and young people, and presents a new line of furniture for the home and office. The company has commissioned us to do the photography for this new catalogue, and here we present a few pictures in which you can see their furniture and our work, which we are really quite pleased with.


Simulation of particles

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Reel of a 3D simulation of particles and how they interact with the virtual environment. The task in postproduction was to present the integration of the particles with maximum realism. Using 3D enabled us to generate diverse spaces and situations, some very difficult and hard to find in reality. This scene and all the elements were generated in 3D.